Are You Ready?



You have your building dream - but where do you start to make it a reality? We understand that it is difficult to know how to get the ball rolling on your building project. Whether or not you have had plans drawn up and certified, we can guide you through each step.


Yes! We have certified plans and finance is in place

  • Contact us to arrange an onsite meeting to discuss your project
  • If you can provide a full set of working drawings, we can prepare a detailed, fixed price quote
  • To help us quote your job, think about the fixtures and fittings, finishes and materials, and colour schemes
  • The more detail you provide at this stage, the more accurate your quote will be
  • Closely compare all of your quotes - make sure they all have the same inclusions
  • Ask for testimonials and references from former clients who have had work done on a similar style or scale to your project


We're not sure where to begin

  • The BSA Smart Guide to Building and Renovation is essential reading for anyone starting out on a building project. It gives you an overview of all aspects to building - from selecting a designer, understanding contracts and budgeting, through to certification and approvals
  • If you are unsure how much to budget for your building project, the Archicentre Costs Guide will give you a good overview of current building costs
  • We can put you in touch with architects and building designers to begin the process of getting your ideas clarified and plans drawn up
  • Do you need a little professional advise and insight on what is possible with your home? Feel free to contact us to discuss your options



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